I Hear the Sunspot: Limit Volume 3

Author: Yuki Fumino

The Reprise of the Spear Hero Volume 03

Author: Aneko Yusagi

The Rising of the Shield Hero: The Manga Companion Volume 15

Author: Aiya Kyu / Original Story: Aneko Yusagi / Character design: Minami Seira

The Hat Boyz

Author: Erick Pepper Rivera

Blues for Lady Day: The Story of Billie Holiday

Author: Paolo Parisi

Dostoyevsky: The Life and Work

Author: Vitali Konstantinov / Translator: Anne Posten


One Peace Books was founded in 2006 to translate and publish Japanese entertainment and literature for a North American audience. As the brainchild of successful Japanese publisher Sanctuary Books, One Peace Books occupies a unique place in the publishing industry—able to fully leverage the connections and industry knowledge to publish Japanese literature in translation.

As One Peace Books has grown, we’ve utilized those connections and passions to expand our publishing model to include original publications by other artists and writers as well. It is our hope in this way to act as a bridge between cultures. Publishing both Japanese translations and original publications is, in our own small way, an attempt to show that it truly is not language or borders that divide us.

One World. One Love. One Peace.


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