2019/7/18 Thursday

Meet Pepper Rivera

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Meet our newest author, Pepper Rivera. We'll be publishing his latest graphic novel in October, The Hat Boyz. Written by a Watts native, The Hat Boyz explores the world of a naïve young man growing up in America and the relationship of a historically underserved community with the police.

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2019/7/2 Tuesday


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Best new manga of June 2019

Hinamatsuri makes the list!

With volume 3 just out, it's not too late to jump onto the crazy train and enjoy the ride. The anime is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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2019/3/29 Friday

Shield Hero Manga Author Aiya Kyu at Kinokuniya San Francisco!

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Get an early release of Volume 10 of The Rising of the Shield Hero manga and get it signed by the Shield Hero manga artist, Aiya Kyu, at Kinokuniya San Francisco!

Volume 10 will be available and can be signed by Aiya Kyu at the one day event on April 6. The manga will be available for purchase from 2pm-7pm but the signing is limited to the first 100 pre-orders. Pre-orders open on April 1. To preorder your manga, visit Kinokuniya SF and talk to the cashier on the first floor for more details on April 1.

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2019/2/19 Tuesday

Yatta-Tachi reviews Botchan

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Botchan is part of our Modern Japanese Classics series. We published our translation in 2013. But it was originally written in 1906 by Natsume Soseki, who is considered one of the greatest writers in modern Japanese history. One of the most well-known and widely read books in Japan to this day. Yatta-Tachi reviewed our translation of Botchan here:

2019/1/22 Tuesday

2019 Great Graphic Novels for Teens! I Hear the Sunspot makes the list again!

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YALSA, part of the American Library Association, voted I Hear the Sunspot: Theory of Happiness onto their 2019 Great Graphic Novels for Teens list! Last year I Hear the Sunspot was on the list as well. This makes two years running for the series!

YALSA mission is to support library staff in alleviating the challenges teens face, and in putting all teens ‒ especially those with the greatest needs ‒ on the path to successful and fulfilling lives.

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2019/1/10 Thursday

AV CLUB: I Hear The Sunspot is an ideal introduction to manga

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The gulf between manga and Western comics seems to shrink in fits and starts as some genres and titles become popular with American readers.

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2018/12/1 Saturday

The Outerhaven reviews The Reprise of the Shield Hero

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The Reprise of the Spear Hero Vol. 1 Review

2018/10/11 Thursday

Rightstuf reviews Hinamatsuri Vol 1

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Stop me if you've heard this story before: What if a yakuza had to raise a superpowered kid from the future?

If you have heard of it, it's probably because you've watched Hinmatsuri, the darling of the spring anime season. Now the original manga is being released by One Peace, and it's great for both anime watchers and newcomers (like me).

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2018/9/27 Thursday

Otaku USA reviews Hinamatsuri Vol 1

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To be fair, Hina isn't just any little girl. She falls out of the sky in a giant, oval, egg-shaped object, landing squarely on Nitta's head. At first just her face is visible through the object and Nitta chalks up the strangeness to having had too much alcohol. But then the face talks, asking for help getting out. And then out steps a middle-schooled age girl: Hina.

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2018/9/19 Wednesday

Hooray for HInamatsuri: AnimeNation reviews volume 1

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On the heels of the series premiering as an acclaimed anime television series in April 2018, One Peace Books has brought the original Japanese distinctly odd couple style manga to English speaking readers.

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