An interview with the creators of Multi-Mind Mayhem

Author Ryousen Takami interview

What is your background before you became a writer?
I was working as a company employee while I continued writing, my hobby from my college days. When my work became popular online, I was able to debut my novel.

What do you find interesting about isekai settings?
Readers know that it is very rare for dreams to come true in the real world. But in a fantasy world, it’s possible.

How do you come up with the plot events of a story?
When I was writing the book having cheat abilities for economic and domestic tasks was a popular trope, so at first, I planned the story around those and the reincarnation. But then I came up with Maggot, the world’s most powerful mother. The story expanded from there.

What are your influences for the character Bard?
I gave him three personalities so that his modern knowledge and samurai tendencies could coexist. After that, the character just developed naturally.

Artist Honoji interview

How did you become a manga artist?
I had a booth at a doujin convention (I was part of a doujin circle) when an editor reached out to me. From there, I was able to start doing manga professionally.

Do you have more fun drawing action or comedy? Why?
I prefer action. Probably because I haven’t worked on any manga that were primarily comedy.

I’ve only ever really done comedy as extras on the side. When I draw manga, I envision the scene first before I draw it, and those have been action scenes for the most part.

What was the most challenging part about drawing this manga?
I think the most challenging part is figuring out how to adapt the material in the original work that isn’t always explicitly described, like buildings, clothing, and gathering the necessary materials to do so.