2024/4/4 Thursday

Anime Nation: Tales of the Tendo Family Vol 1

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Historical shoujo romantic drama is a relatively common subgenre of manga, and one that's well-done more often than not. Veteran shoujo manga creator Ken Saito's Tales of the Tendo Family (Tendou-ke Monogatari) premiered in 2014 and told its story through 14 volumes. Although the first book's illustration doesn't set new standards for shoujo art, its strong characterizations and brisk pacing make the tale instantly engrossing and highly enjoyable, for select readers. One Peace Books will begin releasing the official English-language translation of the manga on April 9.

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Yatta Tachi: Tales of the Tendo Family Vol 1

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Hojo Ran, the daughter of a Meiji-era baron, dives into a river to escape her upcoming arranged marriage to Masato Tendo, the son of a powerful but dangerously toxic family. She nearly drowns, but a nameless teen girl who lives alone in the mountains rescues her. This girl, inspired by the mysterious hermit who raised her, dreams of dying to save another person's life. Seeing an opportunity to do just that, she tells the real Ran to flee, and assumes her identity. Masato sees through the ruse almost immediately, but refuses to kill her like she hopes. Instead, he forces her to keep up the ruse so he can manipulate his family more easily.

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Comics Worth Reading: Tales of the Tendo Family Vol 1

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I don't read historical manga much any more, as I find not understanding the references off-putting. I gave this a try because a smart editor mentioned to me that it was by Ken Saito, author of The Name of the Flower, which I remembered enjoying when CMX put it out 15 years ago.

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School Library Journal: Tales of the Tendo Family Vol 1

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When a son of a prestigious family meets his intended bride, Hojo Ran, he learns the girl in front of him is not actually Hojo Ran. She is a fake. The Hojo Ran in front of him is a girl willing to die. The real Hojo Ran has heard tales that no bride has made it out of the Tendo family alive, especially when the betrothal involves the groom, Masato Tendo. So why would this girl risk her life for a stranger?

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The Fandom Post: Tales of the Tendo Family Vol 1

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When a teenage orphan saves a noblewoman from drowning, she's stunned to learn it was a suicide attempt. The noblewoman, Hojo Ran, is betrothed to Tenjo Masato, whose family is embroiled in a bloody succession dispute, and Ran felt that death was preferable to getting caught up in that struggle. Upon hearing this, Ran's rescuer volunteers to take her place. Unfortunately, the groom immediately sees through the fake bride's ruse!

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2024/4/3 Wednesday

Boston Bastard Brigade: Tales Of The Tendo Family - Volume 1

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Is life worth throwing away if it's used to save another? In all honesty, not really. While it's noble to sacrifice one's self to protect another, making it your goal to die during a rescue is — to be blunt — pretty crazy. Perhaps this is why I can see where Tendo Masato is going concerning keeping a woman close to his realm. It's this aspect that makes the premiere volume of Tales of the Tendo Family quite the interesting read.

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2023/10/16 Monday

Boston Bastard Brigade: It Takes Two Tomorrow, Too

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When a relationship is going well, the next logical step is to move in with your significant other. Sometimes this helps with building the relationship; other times, it can make a love crumble apart. For the duo of Yuya and Rio, moving in together definitely results in the former, as Suzuyuki's series It Takes Two Tomorrow, Too showcases. It also results in a bountiful of adorable hilarity!

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2023/8/17 Thursday

Anime News Network Reviews Villainess Level 99

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Eumiella is less than thrilled to realize that she's been reborn as a character in a game she played in her former life as a college student – and the hidden boss at that. Determined to avoid the bad end in store for her, she decides to hone her skills and then lay low once she's sent to the school where the heroine and love interests are. Unfortunately, she's a little too good at honing her skills, and before she knows it, she's hit the unheard-of level 99. Now the heroine and her boys not only notice Eumiella, they suspect her of being the demon lord herself!

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Yatta Tachi Reviews Villainess Level 99

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When a college student wakes up to find herself in the body of an otome game villainess, like most, her first thoughts pertain to ensuring she's able to live a full life and not die at the hands of the heroes. But instead of trying to make friends with the main character and love interests, she plots out a new plan: level up as quickly and efficiently as possible to give herself a better advantage!

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2023/8/11 Friday

Otaku USA reviews Villainess Level 99

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Villainess Level 99: I May Be the Hidden Boss But I'm Not the Demon Lord is an isekai about a college student who is reincarnated into Eumiella, a character from an otome RPG she played in her last life. And she's not the heroine of the game — she's a bully who later turns out to be a hidden boss.

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Your favorite manga in more places!

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One Peace Books is excited to announce that we will begin releasing titles with online digital streaming services: Azuki and Mangaplaza!

You may find the following titles now available on!

Maria Holic
Crayon Shinchan
Breathe Deeply will start streaming the following titles!

Breathe Deeply

We hope that you'll check out these great streaming services and read some of our classic titles!

2023/7/7 Friday


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Dr Hope's Sick Notes, a popular Youtube channel, reviews Parallel World Pharmacy. Check out the video!

2023/6/1 Thursday

Boston Bastard Brigade: Parallel World Pharmacy

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Working in a pharmacy can be a hassle. You're on your feet all day filling prescriptions non-stop, on top of dealing with ungrateful customers who take out all their frustrations on you. Wellit could be worse. Imagine living in the dark ages, where modern medicine wasn't even a thing! This is what Parallel World Pharmacy brings to the table, as present-day medical procedures comes to a place where even the chicken pox can still kill you!

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2023/5/9 Tuesday

Otaku USA Parallel World Pharmacy Vol 1 Review!

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The Parallel World Pharmacy manga is an adaptation of an original light novel series. The story starts out with Kanji Yakutani, a revered medical researcher who keeps himself insanely busy with work, and who is haunted that nothing could be done to save his younger sister from dying from a brain tumor. Yakutani works so hard, in fact, that he works himself to death in his thirties. He awakens as a 10-year-old boy named Farma living in a medieval-esque fantasy world.

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2023/1/19 Thursday

UK Anime Network on Captain Corinth

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n a future where humanity is fighting against alien “bugs”, flesh eating creatures menacing the many planets inhabited by humans, Lt. Corinth is on his way to meet the rest of his fleet. A sudden attack causes the ship to go down mid-warp, losing all hands. Promoted by the ship's AI to Captain, Corinth has to abandon ship to land a on an unknown world where swords and magic are the pillars of society.

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2023/1/4 Wednesday

Otaku USA Reviews Captain Corinth Vol 1

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The manga series Captain Corinth: The Galactic Navy Officer Becomes an Adventurer is based on web novels. This science fiction story takes place many years in the future, and the main character, Alan Corinth, is in deep space. When something goes awry, he ends up alone on a planet where humans are able to breathe oxygen.

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