An interview with The Creators of Farming Life in Another World

Author Kinosuke Naito interview

What inspired you to write Farming Life in Another World?
It came at a time when my job was making me tired and I wanted to escape from reality. If I were to live a second life, I felt like this is what it would be. But I don’t like to work too hard myself, so I gave Hiraku helpful abilities.

How did you get into writing light novels?
My interest in writing started when I was in middle school. From that point on, I’ve been writing and working as a writer in one way or another, and now it’s been thirty years. Hopefully someday soon they’ll start calling me an expert.

But when I first thought of writing light novels . . . there were a lot of people around me becoming writers, so I was jealous and wanted to try it. I asked myself, “Can I write (light novels) too?”

What do you think of having your work adapted into manga?
I feel blessed to have someone in charge of the manga adaptation—it’s an amazing manga. But seeing the characters from my novel in a manga is embarrassing too. I’ve wished so many times that I would have been more detailed in my descriptions of the characters.

What would you like North American readers to take away from your work?
I would like them to just have fun and feel carefree. And I’d like them to laugh, because this story is not actually how the real world works. But I don’t want readers to be disrespectful of farming work. Farming is important.

Have you worked on a farm (even if it was just for research)? What was it like?
I grew up on a farm. So I know real farming isn’t as easy as it is in the book. I understand that farming is a battle against nature. We should have the utmost respect for farmers.

Artist Yasuyuki Tsurugi interview

What was your process for adapting the light novel into a manga?
I read the original light novel, thought about how the characters would look in a manga, and then began drawing and consulting with the editor and original story author about the art.

How did you become a professional artist?
I was in the process of looking for work when my acquaintance Yasuhiro Nightow-sensei said to me, “Why don’t you just give it a try?” That was probably when it all started.

How did you first get interested in manga?
I’ve loved manga ever since I was in elementary school. I was even once a member of the Akira Toriyama fan club.

What would you like North American readers to take away from your work?
Values and principles when it comes to farming that Americans and the protagonist hold probably differ a bit. But keeping that in mind, I would like Americans to enjoy the work. He’s plowing large fields with no tractor—just a hoe—after all!

Have you worked on a farm (even if it was just for research)? What was it like?
Not at all! My mother has a small garden. That’s about it.