An interview with Lauren Thompson and Tsukuru Anderson

Lauren Thompson

Tsukuru Anderson

OPB: How did you put this book?

LT: I came up with the techniques to be used and the recipes to go with each technique. I wrote out the general techniques in prose and recipe format, and then the illustrator took my prose and brought the techniques and recipes to life in illustrations. Once the illustrations were in rough format, I went back through them to verify that what I pictured in my head was represented in the illustrations. Then it was a matter of editing the illustrations and text to fit the format.

OPB: What is your favorite cooking tip from this book?

LT: It’s so hard to choose one favorite cooking tip. I’m especially happy with the salad section. It’s a combination of information that I’ve learned over the years of working in professional kitchens and it’s really great to see it come to life on paper.

TA: The egg section is my favorite cooking. I enjoyed illustrating how a simple, single ingredient can transform into a wide variety of fine dishes. It represents the idea of the book: That basics are important, and how much fun you can have once you’ve mastered some simple skills.

OPB: What is your favorite recipe from this book?

LT: I can’t say that I have a favorite—I’m really proud of all of them. This goal of this book is to get people cooking without intimidating them and I’m really happy with how they all turned out. I’m especially happy with how we managed to showcase the technique pages.

TA: I love the both of salad recipes we have in the book. The harmony of multiple textures, flavors and colors are amazing! Actually, I’ve made all of them many times. Also, it was a lot of fun to draw the salads and their colorful ingredients.

OPB: Who do you think this book is best for?

LT: I think this book is best for those who really want to improve their cooking skills through the learning of techniques and not just knowing a few good recipes. We are really trying to show how understanding and practicing a few techniques can give someone the confidence to look at a number of ingredients and put together a meal without needing a recipe to spell out a particular dish.

TA: I think this book is good for everyone, especially for people want to share the experience of cooking (and savor the improvement of their own skills) with their friends and families. All the recipes in this book are fun and enjoyable, to make and to share with others.

OPB: Any new projects in the works for you?

LT: Since we just finished this one and I’m a full time chef I’m not currently working on anything. However, I would love to continue with this style of cookbook and bring the focus to other areas of cooking.

TA: I don’t have new project in near future. But I’d love a chance to continue this series of cooking comics!

LT= Lauren Thompson (Chef)
TA= Tsukuru Anderson (Illustrator)