The Samurai Gourmet

by Kanna Himiya


96 pages

ISBN: 978-1-935548-33-1

Published: 2013

Three parts cookbook and one part history book, The Samurai Gourmet is a collection of healthy, healing, and energizing meals and recipes that have been orally handed down through generations of a Japanese samurai family.

Samurai knew how to effectively obtain nutrition and energy from the limited diet that was available to them, building sound minds and healthy bodies that allowed them to exert their maximum power and agility in battle. Their secrets were...

  • Eating based on the concept of balancing yin and yang

  • Ingredients that supply the necessary energy and nutrition for life

  • Medicinal herbs and vegetables that aid in making people naturally healthy

  • Japanese seasonings that have stood the test of time This book is a treasure trove of such wisdom and includes 28 meals based on this culinary knowledge of samurai.

With easy-to-follow recipes, beautiful food photography, and a little historical background on samurai and Japanese cuisine, The Samurai Gourmet will help guide you in healthy eating in these hectic, modern times.

Author Profile

Kanna Himiya is a descendant of the chef of the Maeda clan-one of the most powerful samurai clans in Japan-which ruled the Kaga domain, and through these dishes, she shares the samurai's secret for strength, health, and beauty. She also imparts some history of samurai, as well as Japanese culinary wisdom.